[NOUN] lang: Italian. 1. literal translation, "to unbutton oneself," 2. to open up, 3. to let something escapee through a wall of reserve.

I remember when a barefooted lumberjack led me to this song, admiring the honesty about it. No perfect christian life. I don’t remember if this honest song was a precursor to how honest he was with me, but I remember tired eyes and a mouth sore from smiling. Taylor, the barefooted lumberjack angel. A rascal if I ever saw one. 

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finally, home.

Oh, when we finally get there. 


Ben Howard - The Boxer (best quality version)

then I’m laying out my winter clothes
and wishing I was gone
going home
where the New York City winters aren’t bleeding me
bleeding me, going hom.„

I wish Ben Howard really existed. What a cool world that would be. 


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Justin Vernon: Hazelton

I was recently introduced to Justin Vernon’s pre-Bon Iver solo release Hazeltons. It’s hard to track down. 

This is my favorite track. 

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Hi, your Spotify queen speaking. I made a playlist to keep us company while we work. I named it Feauxcus because naming it ‘focus’ makes it seem like a zen mix of harps and trickling water…and it’s not that hah. Idk it’s like a mix of folky, low-fi experimental pop so it keeps me awake without distracting me with the urge to break into a dance party. Enjoy!!

lovin dis